Socialist Worker February-March 2021



Enough Is Enough! Fight Back Now!!

News & Comment

The Working-Class, Politics & Party-Building

Okonjo-Iweala is  a Bosses Brand

SWL Commemorates 10th Year Anniversary

A Year of COVID-19 Pandemic

Assault, Detention, & Injustice Mark Our First 11 Days in 2021

The Police Is Not Your Friend

“Tribalism”and Secession Divide the Masses

Workplace & Union

Reinstate Sacked OOUTH Nurses NOW!

National Minimum Wage & Struggle for Living Wage

GiGL Attacks NUPTE Picket With Thugs


Deregulation Makes Life Harder for Workers

Workers in Boulos Ltd Fight Redundancy

Women Rights

End Gender-Based Violence in Nigeria Police

Education & Youth

Monumental Crisis of the Education Sector

Environment & Society

Shell is Liable for Oil Spills in Niger Delta

Revolutionary Footprints

Ten Years After the Arab Spring: What can we learn for today’s struggle?

International Perspective

People’s Power & Elections in Uganda

What Does the AcFTA Mean for Working People?

After Trump: Biden Is Not the Solution






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