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Trade unions:

The working class in Nigeria has a rich history of struggle. Trade unions occupy a dual role in the life of the working class. As its primary defence organisation, it is the first line of combination against capital and the bosses. But, its bureacracy does have a vested interest in the continued preservation of capitalism as a system, thus playing a mediatory role between the working class and capital. It is thus essentiall for revolutionary socialists to learn how to both work with the trade unions and oppose their bureacracy when they act as brakes to the struggles of the working class. This section provides a list of the websites of unions in Nigeria.

International Socialist Tendency

The International Socialist traditions represent an unalloyed commitment to “revolution from below”. We stand by the classical truism of Marxism that the emancipation of the working class can be won through self-emancipatory struggle, and not on behalf of the working class by some all-knowing party or activists. This section provides a list of sister organisations of the SWL in the mould of these traditions.