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The working masses and youth constitute the immense majority of people in society. The bosses who exploit and oppress us are just a small minority of less than 1%. But we must mobilise our strength and this requires organisation. Socialist Workers and Youth League (SWL) brings together the most committed fighters in the struggle to defeat the bosses and build socialism i.e. a better society based on solidarity, cooperation, wellbeing and our all-round development.

Join the SWL today for us to help unite, educate and mobilise working-class people and youth in our struggle for emancipation, which only we ourselves can and must win!

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Thank you for expressing your interest in joining the Socialist Workers & Youth League. United in struggle, we can defeat the bosses and build a better, socialist society based on solidarity and cooperation. We will get back to you very soon. A luta continua! Victoria ascerta!!

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