Fuel Scarcity & Energy Crisis: Kick out the Regime!


Nigerians are living through one of the most horrific moments in our country’s history. For about a month now, we have faced a severe situation of fuel scarcity. And on top of this, we have witnessed two total energy system collapses, denying millions of poor working-class people even the epileptic electricity supply that we used to have. 

We cannot continue to live like this. Enough is enough. The incompetence of the regime is matched only by the contempt that those who rule us have for us. We were told that the fuel scarcity would be over in a few weeks when it started. The problem, according to the NNPC, was simply that some imported fuel had too much methane in them.

The shameless government officials cannot explain why to date the country does not have adequate refining capacity. They have also not been able to explain why the immediate problem has persisted.

Maj. Gen Muhammadu Buhari (retd.) was gallivanting across the world for private medical care when these problems started. And when he would eventually speak following a “prolonged shortage of petroleum products”, it was with crocodile tears and claims of deeply regretting “inconvenience caused Nigerians.”

What happened to the APC’s pre-2015 assertions to fix the epileptic power supply in its first six months in power, after seven years of being in government? APC is no better than PDP. They do not care about us. The current situation has to be the last straw.  We must kick them out of power, NOW!


National Chairperson


National Secretary



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