SWL Calls for the Immediate & Unconditional Release of Sowore and Others

Press Release - 2nd January 2021


The Socialist Workers & Youth League calls for the immediate release of Omoyele Sowore, Juwon Sanyaolu, Michael Adenola, Peter and Kimrere. The three officials of the African Action Congress were unjustly arrested at Gudu junction of Abuja during a peaceful cross-over demonstration. We want to make it abundantly clear to the Nigerian police and the ruling regime that protest is a fundamental democratic right. A violent attack on peaceful protesters is an attack on one of the most important tenets of democracy. It must also be pointed out that protests and mass uprising become inevitable with the continuing failure of the current regime and neoliberal capitalism.

The arrest and brutalisation of Sowore, Juwon and Michael at the early hours of the new year by the Nigeria police Abattoir division Abuja, is a clear indication that the basic conditions for the #EndSARS revolt last year still persist. The Maj. Gen. Buhari (retd) led government continues in attacking poor people and violating fundamental rights. But also, the arrest demonstrate the weakness of the bosses’ state given the failure of their system to address the genuine agitation and demands of the Nigeria masses. Clearly, they don’t have the solution to the crises largely because they benefit hugely from the system and crises.

It is we, the working-class people and youth that have the power and the will to change the oppressive system and win our total liberation through struggle. The #EndSARS revolt demonstrated to us the power to bring to birth social change from below and a Nigeria that works for all and not for the interest of some few. It is on this basis that we call on working-class people and students organisations to join in demanding for the immediate and unconditional release of the arrested comrades. And also that we mobilise to fight for a real and total change, obviously the current regime and bosses generally have resolved to intensify attacks and place more burden on the people.


National Secretary



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