SYL Condemns UI Management’s Repressive Stand Against #FeesMustFall Activists


Socialist Youth League condemns the University of Ibadan management’s attempt to silence the voices of students who stood up to campaign against the recent hike in fees at the school. On 24 May, Nice LInus, Aduwo Ayodelei and Gbadegesin Iyanuoluwa were issued queries and threatened with suspension for their participation in a peaceful #FeesMustFall protest. We demand an immediate halt to this witch hunt. It is an egregious misuse of authority and a blatant attempt to stifle democratic expression.

The students’ protest was a legitimate response to the financial strain that increased fees imposed on families of poor working people in the current economic climate. Instead of addressing the concerns raised by the students, the university chose to respond with intimidation and threats of suspension,labelling the peaceful protest as gross misconduct and unruly behaviour.

This heavy handed approach undermines the students’ right to free expression and exemplifies a broader pattern of autocratic governance within educational institutions. The actions taken by the university are a direct attempt to suppress dissent and critical engagement with institutional policies reflecting the anti-working people agenda of the federal government and the ruling class.

We stand in full solidarity with the students who courageously voiced their opposition to the fee hike. We demand that the university management refrains from any punitive measures against these students. It is imperative that educational institutions foster an environment where students can freely express their concerns without fear of punishment.

The Socialist Youth League will continue to support the struggle for affordable education and the rights of students to protest unjust policies. We call on all students and young people all over the country to stand together in solidarity as we strive to create a future we will be proud of.


National Coordinator

Socialist Youth League



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