Socialist Workers and Youth League (SWL) salutes the revolutionary doggedness of working-class people in Chile, despite the violent reactions of the Chile bosses state. We equally condemn the repression and demand an immediate end to the armed forces attacks on the working people.

We make bold to say that the actions of Chilean working-classpeople was made necessary by the unavoidable failure of capitalism which puts the wealth of many in the hands of a few. It is worthy of note that, while billions of poor people, particularly in the global south, have been thrown into the abyss of penury and hopeless as a result of the economic crisis brought about by the logic of capitalism, a few rich continue to appropriate more wealth leaving us to bear the brunt of their system’s failure.

Sebastian Pinera and his cohorts in the bosses’ class should understand that repression of activists will not make the socioeconomic crises go away rather it further exposes their anti-masses character and gives more reasons for fight back. We believe that addressing the issues with the popular alternatives that the working people of Chile advanced in form of demands is the only way to go. It is on that we support the demands of the Chilean working-class people for accessible and affordable health care and an economy that works for all not a few among others.

Clearly those that create and benefit from the crises cannot make it go away. And it is on that note that the actions of the Chilean popular masses become important and necessary so as to bring forth social change.

The regime of Pineira just like that of Buhari in Nigeria is anti-people and that is evident in their attacks on the people despite the hardships caused by their greedy capitalist interests.

It didn’t come as surprise that the failure of capitalism is on a global scale. And as we have seen across the world in this era of unending crises state repression and violence by the bosses’ state are on the rise because the bosses’ system/capitalism is desperately hanging on to its last breathe at life.

It is thus important for us, as working-class people in Chile, Nigeria, Ecuador, Hongkong, Sudan and all over the world to unite and strike the bosses’ state and system now! We should unite and fight. We must fan the embers of our justifiable angered.  But we must also be equipped with the working-class perspectives of socialism from below and, inspired by the dream of a new world for all.

The people united cannot be defeated! Venceremos!! We Will Win!!

Viva Chile!! Forward to Socialism!!!


National Secretary



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