AAC Lagos Declares Leonard Ezenwa & Others Persona Non Grata!


{Being a press text of the Lagos Branch of the African Action Congress (AAC)}

In a manner typical of a Nollywood farce, Leonard Ezenwa, the January 17th 2019 suspended national secretary of our party has finally displayed to the world his true colours as an internal saboteur and agent of the ruling party.

Our party is young and being formed very close to the elections drew membership from various groups and circles mostly unsuspecting but as the party grows in its real principles of standing with the masses alone, so many wolves in sheep’s clothing find their ways into significant positions.

But we are not surprised by the roles Leonard Ezenwa and others are playing now. When a pro-masses party like AAC has emerged getting rooted in movements of workers; artisans; youths; and students, there is bound to be counter reactions from the detractors.

The big parties are obviously jealous that their riggings against us, which was obviously meant to dampen our political morale, have not discouraged us as a party. We have remained focused leading and joining the peoples in their day-to-day experiences, which are mostly of sorrows, tears and blood. And let the sponsors of Leonard know that they have wasted their money in fighting an idea whose time has come!

We therefore back the summary expulsion of Leonard Ezenwa and the suspension of others involved in these public stunts. We urge the public not to be distracted by a small group of agents that has have been excommunicated by the pro-people activities of our party. The suspension script is the beginning of a plan to distract and blackmail our party. Their multi-millions sponsored drama has failed.

Money has been shamed time and again when faced with our party’s political truism to take it back. Our party is built on revolutionary foundations that cannot be compromised by that pressures of greed and power.

For constitutional concerns, till the convention holds and either approves or say otherwise, the National Executive Council (NEC) as is presently constituted has expelled Leonard Ezenwa. We in Lagos branch stand by this and urge Leonard and his cohorts to stay clear of our structures. We have zero tolerance for meddlesomeness and parasites.

The African Action Congress (AAC), Lagos Branch, therefore adjures its members and supporters in the State to remain active in the many party programs that are ongoing, and ignore in totality the shenanigans of a desperate group of people who have chosen to dance along the path of political perfidy.

We use this opportunity to salute the struggles of workers in the Trade Union Congress (TUC) who led actions yesterday all over the country on the mass misconducts by the ruling class agents leading the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN). Our party is clear that electricity is a public property that must not be kept in the hands if private hands. The commanding heights of the economy must remain in public coffers.

We also call for an end to all forms of police brutality; structural exploitation; and the continual privatisation of the economy.

Nothing shall discourage us!

*Elias Ozikpu*
_Acting Publicity Secretary, African Action Congress (AAC), Lagos_

13th May, 2019



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