Join the May Day Demonstration of CORE (Coalition for Revolution)!


Ever since 1890, workers across the world have commemorated 1st of May as Internationally Day of Working-Class Solidarity. May Day as we all know has its roots in struggle. In 1886 over 300,000 workers in the United States of North America downed their tools and joined the picket line in a historic strike to demand the working day be no more than eight hours.

In many countries, for several years, it was not legal to celebrate May Day. The bosses did not recognise it. It took struggle for the day to be set aside as a public holiday. So, the day is our day – a day not only to remember the struggles of workers from an earlier generation that won us some of the rights we take for granted today. It is also a day for us to take forward the struggle for a better world than the one we met.

That is why, the Socialist Workers and Youth League (SWL) as well as other organisations (such as the Take It Back Movement, TIB and Socialist Vanguard Tendency, SVT) who together constitute the Coalition for Revolution (CORE) are convinced that it is not enough for us to commemorate the May Day by just parading before government officials representing the bosses’ class.

We will rather take the fight to them then as always. Let us seize the time together and protest against obnoxious anti-poor policies of the government and for the democratic economic, social and political rights of working-class people.

Join us for mass action by 8.00am on 1st of May, at Agege Stadium, the May Day grounds. Join us in the struggle for working-class self-emancipation. We are more than the oppressors, but we must mobilise our strength in action, without ceasing.

The workers united and determined cannot be defeated! A luta continua! Vitoria e certa!



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