Socialist Worker, Nov-Dec. 2017

Nigeria at 57: Workers Are ANGRY!


Nigeria at 57: Workers Are ANGRY!

News & Comment:

When Workers’ Power Shook the World;

On Restructuring and the Developmental State;

Restructuring Should Mean Substantial Increase in Minimum Wage.

Workplace & Union:

Minimum Wage: time for Action;

Air Workers Protest Concession of Airports;

NATA appoints new General Secretary;

Comrade Anthony Obineche Elected NUPSRAW Federal Council Chair.

Women’s Rights:

Legalisation of Abortion Would Reduce Suffering.

African Radicals:

We Must Dare to Invent the Future.

International Perspective:

Revolutionary Pressures in Togo;

Cameroon soldiers shoot independence activists dead;

German elections – again growth of the radical right and for socialists.




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