The Scourge of Youth Unemployment and Neglect


by Adefolarin Olamilekan

unemployed youths in a stampede for non-existing jobs!

Youths is the vibrant generational layer in society. Youths should thus not be neglected as they represent the hope of a better tomorrow. Unfortunately, in a capitalist society like Nigeria, the majority of youths being from working class backgrounds continually face hardships and cannot fulfill their potentialities.

According to the 2006 national population census 80 million persons out of the 140 million people populating Nigeria are youths. 60% of these (i.e. 48 million people) are unemployed. 4.5 million youths have since then annually joined the ranks of the unemployed as skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled would-be workers.

Young people have to be sensitized on the root cause of this desperate situation which has led many to committing suicide. It is the for profit nature of capitalist development, which thrives on the underdevelopment of the many for the enrichment of the few.

The spate of high level of unemployment among the youth is a major reason why many are engaged in social vices such as armed robbery, advance free fraud (419), cyber rimes, prostitution and thuggery. Poor youths from working class homes are victims of system failure, societal neglect and abuse. The event at hand is particularly pathetic when viewed within the framework of the nation’s abundant natural resources and huge revenues generated from oil over the last four decades.

Young working class-people who are employed or unemployed have to build bridges with and within socialist circles to better understand the cause of the scourge of our neglect and how to better fight to overthrow capitalism and build a better future for our generation and those of the yet unborn.



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