Psychiatric Hospital Workers Suspend Seven Week Strike


by Segun Ogun

Workers at the Federal Neuro-psychiatric Hospital, Yaba, suspended their seven week strike at the end of July. They had started the strike on June 1. The workers are fighting for: payment of their promotion arrears from 2011, improved working conditions, and consideration for workers’ welfare.

The strike was suspended for four weeks after the JOHESU platform in the hospital entered a favourable agreement with management. This included immediate payment of the arrears and a firm commitment to the improvement of working conditions and workers welfare. The unions think that, if management is sincere about upholding the agreement, the backlog of promotion arrears would be paid within a month.

The workers have vowed to down tools again, by the end of August, if management fails to heed the provisions of the agreement.

Socialist Worker supports the psychiatric hospital workers in their struggle and enjoins them to remain vigilante. In most cases when strikes are called off like this, management does everything possible to douse the flames of resistance and reneges. The unions have to continue with mobilisation of the workers for an all-out indefinite strike action and picketing of the hospital, if management goes back on its words.



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