Tinubu’s Alpha-Beta Sacks 300 Workers


• for joining a trade union
• ASSBIFI leads fightback

by Todun Jagun

tinunbu.4Alpha-Beta Consulting Ltd which is linked to the APC Chieftain, Alhaji Bola Tinubu has sacked 300 workers for joining a trade union. The Association of Senior Staff of Banks and Financial Institutions (ASSBIFI) which the workers exercised their constitutional rights by joining is leading a fightback against this scandalous action.

This goes to show us just what the All Peoples Congress’ leaders think of workers’ rights. We cannot look up to APC for our liberation. We must organise to win our self-emancipation as ASSBIFI and the Alpha-Beta workers have shown us.

The workplace was picketed and the union insists on the reinstatement of every worker affected and due respect for their right to be union members. TUC and NLC must support the workers in this battle and ensure that Tinubu and bosses like him do not get away with attacks on the working class’ right to organise.



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