President Jonathan and his cronies have always boasted of a faceless “transformation agenda,” telling the country and the world that the government is putting in place economic and political measures that would change our conditions for the better. But as reality mirrors, the leaves of Jonathan’s coconut has been harder and harder. The country is plunged into its most barbaric state since independence, and current policies of government shows that the end of these whole horrors is not yet in sight!

After the abduction of the Chibok Girls Government School students, in the most ridiculous way; an increasing number of students in the north (particularly females), are shying out of school, according to reports in the mainstream media. The state of emergency imposed by the Federal government which has allowed the free flow of brutality by soldiers, and has been a stumbling block to the self-defence of the working people against Boko Haram, is a major cause of this education apathy.

Worse still, most of the schools continue to be in skeletal backwardness without basic amenities while fees are equally being increased. Evidence of these sprouts from no other place, than UNIABUJA. The citadel is currently under lock and key due to students protests against astronomic fees hikes, on one hand, and ASUU’s protest against management’s misappropriation of funds on the other hand. The workers and students in UNIABUJA must continue to build political synergy, and fight the management and federal government to a standstill.

President Jonathan’s “TRANSFORMATION AGENDA” lacks the political will to transform the country in all the sectors. It is a fake agenda characteristic of what world capitalism is propagating everywhere. It will continue to destroy our education, and lead to retrogression in other sectors like health; employment etc. only a planned economy formulated and implemented by the mass of the working people themselves that can change our country, and indeed our world for the better!