National Issues

One month after President Buhari’s inauguration, whither the working class?

A pertinent question for working class activists, one month after the swearing in of President Buhari must be how ready is organized labour to engage with the current administration of the bosses, in the interest of the working class? Related to this is another salient question; what should be the nature of such engagement? Read more>>

Austerity for us – but the good times continue for them!

Share price 2015People are rightly outraged with the idea that each member of the National Assembly is to receive a ‘wardrobe’ allowance of N9million.  This is at a time when most states are not paying all the salaries and pensions that are due to their workers and we are told that austerity measures are necessary.  But is the economy really in trouble and if austerity is necessary why does it only apply to us and not to the rich politicians and business people? Read more>>

Muhammadu Buhari’s inauguration in Nigeria is calm before storm as campaign promises vanish

Muhammadu_Buhari_-_Chatham_House_croppedMuhammadu Buhari was sworn in as president of the west African state of Nigeria on 29 May—almost 30 years after he was overthrown as a military dictator. Before he wonhe promised to fight corruption, defeat the Boko Haram insurgency and renew prosperity. He campaigned as a man of the people who had to borrow money to pay for his nomination form. This image was undermined when his wife wore a £35,000 watch to his inauguration. Read more>>

The failure of the 7th National Assembly; the imminent failure of the 8th Assembly

The drama at the inauguration of the 8th National Assembly yesterday calls to mind the contradictions that exist within the ruling class globally. The contradictions exist as a result of class interest and counter interest among the ruling class that can be described as ‘’warring brothers’’ who only unite to exploit the masses but warred to protect their individual interest in grabbing the larger share of their loot. Read more>>

Can APC’s victory lead to the change we need? 

General Muhammadu Buhari and the APC; can they deliver on their promises? Read more>>

The All Progressives Congress emerged from opposition as the “governing party” from the general elections of March and April, with a message of “Change!” Its flagbearer, General Muhammadu Buhari will be sworn in as President on May 29.  It will also constitute the majority in both chambers of the National Assembly. It will now also form government in most states of the federation. Read more>>

This time our votes counted

historic elections? fine, but workers need more: a better society. Read more>>

When one looks in retrospect, the odds were stacked against the just concluded general elections. There were predictions of disintegration, uncertainties, terrorism, instability, economic meltdown and the deliberate heating of the polity. However, the reality was, in most places palpable calm. The majority of poor people, for almost the very first time, unequivocally spoke in one voice. Many factors culminated in this resolution of the people’s yearnings. Read more>>

Austerity is only needed because of organised looting

The new Federal and state governments may try and extend the current austerity measures – their excuse could be that the international price of oil has reduced.  However, oil revenue should still provide the funds needed to provide much better public services.  It is really only organised looting by the corrupt elite that has meant that the government suffers any shortage of funds. Read more>>