Labour Party Govt. releases N866m for ex-office holders in Ondo!

The Labour Party government in Ondo state has clearly demonstrated to the world that it stands for the interests of the bosses over those of the labouring people. On April 2, one Mr. Sule-Akinsuyi, a commissioner in the state revealed that all former political office holders in the state, from 1999 till date are to be made wealthier to the collective tune of N866m “dash”! This of course is without prejudice to the whooping severance allowances they had gotten when they wounded up their services at different times.

For the avoidance of doubt, the commissioner made it clear that the largesse would be across party affiliations. This is not surprising as the Labour Party Governor, Dr. Olusegun Mimiko, had himself served under the banners of the AD and PDP. Obviously, there is little difference between the Labour Party and the parties of the bosses!

To rub this in, the Labour Party government proudly announced that it has set aside N70m as housing loan for public sector workers of which just N17.5m had been released. It also felt no shame in further informing the public that it would commit N604m to building housing units, only. We cannot but imagine how many houses, schools, or hospitals could have been built for working people with the N866m being thrown down the drain of the elites purses!

Socialist Bulletin demands, and calls on the trade unions to equally demand that a halt be brought to this madness! The throwing of monies that should be used to better the lot of the people into the coffers of ex-office holders (who stole when in office anyway) MUST BE STOPPED IMMEDIATELY!

This should also make things clearer to working class activists that the Labour Party is now a party whose soul has been stolen by the capitalist elites. Indeed, this goes to show us that, we cannot change our lot through electoral parties based on the principles of liberal democracy which the capitalist system designs. We must build a workers party, which must fight for and win revolutionary change from below. This is the only pathway towards our self-emancipation.