SYL Stands in Solidarity with ASUU in the Struggle for Educational Equity


The Socialist Youth League (SYL) stands with the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) and their resolutions from the recent NEC meeting at Niger Delta University.

ASUU members have voiced legitimate concerns regarding the unfulfilled promises of the government, addressing issues that led to the last strike, including the Federal Government’s truncating collective bargaining between both parties since 2009, by consistently refusing to implement collective agreements.

The union has not only upheld the cause of its members’ welfare but also expressed a commitment to the interests of students and working people in Nigeria. Like all well-meaning Nigerians, they have condemned the wave of tuition fee hikes and the deceitful student loans scheme.

We find the statement made by NANS about ASUU’s stance on the student loan scheme abhorrent. SYL disagrees with the idea that adding more debt to poor students and their parents can be in their best interest. We call on rank-and-file students like us to vehemently oppose the student loan scheme and the hike in school fees. The positions of the cash-and-carry NANS executives must not deceive us. Rather, we must condemn them and expose the motive behind their argument, which cannot lead to equitable education in Nigeria.

The Socialist Youth League recognises the importance of solidarity and unity to fight for the soul of the education sector and social equality in the country. As socialists and advocates for social justice, we stand with ASUU in their call for Nigerians to speak out against critical issues in the education sector, such as gross underfunding and repressive practices.  

The lecturers’ fight for universal access to quality education is not merely their own. The Socialist Youth League urges all Nigerians, especially students, and working-class people, to join hands with ASUU in the struggle for an education system that is just, fair, and based on the recognition of education as a universally accessible fundamental right.


National Coordinator

Socialist Youth League

16 February 2024



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