SWL Plateau Branch Statement: End the Massacres in Plateau State NOW!


The bloody and heartless massacre which began on Christmas Eve in Bokkos and Barkin Ladi local government areas of Plateau State has claimed the lives of over 190 people including women, children and babies. It is a brutal continuation of the heart-rending series of slaughter of the poor masses in several communities in the state murders that have been intermittently taking place for over two decades.

The loss of innocent lives and the anguish inflicted upon these communities during a time traditionally associated with peace and goodwill is deeply disheartening. Urgent measures must be taken now to address the security challenges in the region. The security of the people must be ensured and concrete steps must be taken towards fostering lasting peace and stability.

It is now clear that the government cannot effectively address this tragic problem itself. The local communities’ active involvement is crucial for the enforcement of strategies that can provide long-term solutions to prevent such heartbreaking incidents in the future.

SWL Plateau State Branch stands with the affected families and urges the government to not only condemn the acts as they have habitually done over the years without bringing perpetrators to book. The people in Plateau State have suffered too much and will no longer accept this while keeping silent.

We also call on the people to rise up peacefully and with full confidence to advocate for self-defense, restoration of their villages and homes, compensation for families of the victims and concrete steps which will ensure their security and well-being.

John Onah ALEJE

Ag. Branch Coordinator



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