Weekly Socialist Updates and Perspectives for Working-class and Youth Activists


Socialist Workers & Youth League is happy to introduce the Socialist Worker Weekly to you after a six-week test run of this modest paper, within our membership. With this bulletin, we will bring you regular updates from the revolutionary standpoint of the Socialist Worker on key events across the country and globally, as they affect working-class people and youths.

The handful of rich and powerful people in government and big business have turned our lives to a series of “one week, one trouble.” They piss on our heads and tell us it is raining. The mass media, which they control, is a major tool for doing this.

We might not have the resources to match them, but we need to have platforms across both traditional and new/social media platforms for sharing information, collective education and organising around revolutionary perspectives with a speed that matches that of how developments are unfolding.

Socialist Worker Weekly is a modest contribution to addressing this gap, on the Nigerian left. As radical and revolutionary activists in the struggle for a better society, we must challenge the ideas and interpretations of developments by the capitalists. This requires daily comradely arguments within our ranks, in the working class.

We are part of history, and at the heart of society. Indeed, without us – working people and youth – there would be no society or history! It is our labour that creates the wealth that the bosses feed fat on. And we don’t just passively take the bosses’ oppressive nonsense. Now and again, we equally fight back, resisting our exploitation and fighting for our liberation.

Socialist Worker Weekly will, in short bytes, highlight the forces responsible for economic hardships, police brutality, insecurity and disillusionment which we face day in and day out. We will raise questions about the incompetence and corruption of the bosses who try to divide our ranks by mobilisation of ethnicity and religion.

And together, we will tell our stories. Stories of workers’ struggles. Stories of resistance by youths and communities. Buy and read the paper. Send stories of struggles in your workplace, campus and communities to us via editor@socialistworkersleague.org, and consider joining the Socialist Workers & Youth League (SWL) today.

by ‘Todun JAGUN



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