AAC-PRP Alliance for Total Liberation

For the 2023 elections, at workplaces and on the streets till victory!


The African Action Congress and the People’s Redemption Party (Vanguard) have entered an alliance for the 2023 elections and beyond. This is of historic significance. SWL urges all left forces to join this alliance for the total liberation of working-class people.

African Action Congress will contest the February/March general elections buoyed by the winds of an alliance established with the People’s Redemption Party (Vanguard), to collectively fight for the total liberation of the exploited and oppressed working people. This is of historic significance.

On 16 January, comrade Abdulmajid Y. Dauda, National Chair of the PRP-V, pointed out the importance of the united efforts of both socialist parties for the elections. This was at the party’s Northwest Mass Mobilisation Congress.

Revolutionary socialist parties realise that working-class people cannot simply defeat the capitalist system at the polls. But, as comrade Abdulmajid notes, “general elections are moments of national decision-making.” We must take such moments seriously, putting forward an alternative political program to those of the capitalists and their hangers-on.

A People’s Manifesto for Total Liberation, which is the AAC’s program for the revolutionary transformation, is such a program. With it, the party commits to addressing the social and economic roots of insecurity, an industrial revolution which will be driven with worker control of the process, renationalization of the power and oil and gas sectors, using the wealth of the country for the masses, and implementing the fullest of democratic rights.

PRP is the oldest party in Nigeria, and with radical roots. It was formed in 1978, from the earlier Northern Elements Progressive Union (NEPU) which had fought both British colonialism and the feudalistic ruling class in Northern Nigeria in the 1950s/60s.

In a manner similar to the attempt to hijack AAC, pro-capitalist forces infiltrated the PRP. But, those who remain faithful to its founding ideals have defined themselves as the PRP-V

Comrade Balarabe Musa, former leader of the party, stood with the PRP-V until he drew his last breath. And the PRP-V lifts the banner of revolutionary struggle high with the AAC.

The alliance goes beyond the elections. It will be for a year, in the first instance. It is a fighting alliance which shall provide leadership for workers, poor farmers, traders, artisans and all exploited and oppressed people in Nigeria, in the struggle that lie ahead. It is clear that irrespective of whomsoever wins the next elections, the terrible hardship the people are going through will get worse. There will be fuel price hike and continued rising of cost of living. AAC & PRP will welcome all other left forces to this alliance as we mobilise for the unity and struggle of the masses.

by Baba AYE



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