Resist Fuel Pump Price Hike! Fight Exploitation!! Struggle For A Just Society!!

leaflet issued by SWL, January 2022


The National Economic Council’s recommendation for fuel pump price to be increased from N162 to N304 is a direct attack on the poor masses. We must resist it with all our might. SWL fully supports NLC and TUC for an all-out battle against this evil increment.

In response to mass outcry, the Federal Government has said the increment will be in June and not February as recommended. But we must not be fooled. In 2011, they told us that the increment will be by March 2012, only for them to jack up the price from N67 to N97 on 1 January 2012.

They wanted to catch us off guard. But they failed woefully as working people rose to Occupy Nigeria. We took over the streets for sixteen days and a general strike that lasted 8 days paralyzed the economy, forcing the government to partially reverse the price increase.

The lives of working people have become worse since then, particularly under the current regime. The prices of foodstuffs and other essentials has shot through the roof. Yet, the government keeps adding to our burden. Electricity tariff was increased yet again by upwards of 32.8% just two months ago. The price of cooking gas has also been hiked. Any increase in fuel price on top of these will be a death sentence for millions of poor Nigerians.

The government claims that it will cushion the effect on the poor by paying N5,000 to 40 million. This is an attempt to deceive us. The impact of a fuel pump price hike on costs of living, including foodstuffs, house rents, and transport costs will be much more than N5,000. We also know that this regime is built on lies. The release of any “cushioning” money will be targeted at building an APC support base for the 2023 elections.

Several states are yet to start paying the miserly N30,000 national minimum wage, which should be due for upward review already. Inflation has made it impossible for poor families to have three square meals already. Public tertiary institutions have introduced tuition fees that make it impossible for many students from poor homes to continue schooling. Working people cannot access quality healthcare.

This is not because there is no money to make our lives better. Billions of naira are regularly looted by those in power, apart from the huge amounts they receive as salaries and allowances. The so-called fuel subsidy is a reflection of the corruption and uselessness of the ruling class.

At least N4trillion has been spent on refineries in the last ten years (with over N1t of this given to Dangote). But local refining is still nothing to write home about. More than 90% of refined petroleum products are still imported!

The ruling class cannot be reformed. They cannot change in their ways. We must stand up against ANY increase in fuel pump price, and all their anti-poor policies which make life hard for us. We must fight to liberate ourselves from their exploitation and tyranny.

Join the mass mobilization against fuel price hike – NOT A KOBO MORE ON FUEL PRICE!

Join us in the struggle to end the rule of our exploiters and oppressors – LET US FIGHT TOGETHER TO DEFEAT THEM & USE OUR RESOURCES WHICH THEY ARE STEALING TO MAKE LIVE BETTER FOR WE, THE PEOPLE!!



SOURCESocialist Workers & Youth League
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