Socialist Worker Bulletin, September 14-27, 2020

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The ruling class of thieves, exploiters and oppressors have declared war on poor working-class people. Over the last few months we have been burdened with increases in several taxes and charges. Tens of thousands of people have been sacked in several sectors of the economy. The increase in fuel pump price and electricity tariff this month is taking things too far. We must unite and fight to save our lives, reclaim our dignity and build a better society.

These price increases and the regime’s repression of dissenting views are not arbitrary. The anti-poor programmes and policies of the elites’ government such as privatisation and regulation are aimed to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. The regime, like all other governments over the past sixty years claim to represent us. They do not represent us. They represent just a few people – the rich who exploit us.

Their system of exploitation, which is capitalism, is a global system. The defenders of these system, who stand behind and with the regime include international financial institutions like the IMF, World Bank and World Trade Organisation. Their primary interest is profit for big business.

They make us work so that they can take away the wealth our labour produces as their profit. They mercilessly exploit the natural resources in our lands; petroleum, gold, agricultural produce etc, for the benefits of their pockets without a care in the world for us or for the environment. As they destroy the lives of poor people, they equally set the climate crisis in motion, putting the planet in jeopardy.

In economically backward countries and particularly those where the elites are so clueless like Nigeria, this terrible situation which working-class people face across the world is even worse. The elites simply steal from the public treasury. Even the private sector billionaires like Dangote, Otedola, Adenuga and Iwuanyanwu all made their money somehow or the other through government.

The elites have stolen over N2 trillion since independence! Yet, basic infrastructure like good roads and functional railways are lacking for the poor. Social services like public health systems and schools are in shambles for us.

Social housing is not available (and slums are pulled down without alternatives, leaving hundreds of thousands of people homeless). But a senator goes home each month with at least N35m and the wealth of just the five richest billionaires is enough to end poverty in Nigeria.

We can change all these. When we fight, we win some concessions. A welfare system was established in most European countries after World War II because working people challenged the capitalist system. In Nigeria, several governments started increasing fuel pump price as part of their deregulation strategy since 1988 (after SAP was introduced). But most times when we fight, they are forced to reduce the price increase.

Thus, we must protest the increases in prices and cost of living now. Otherwise, the regime will be bold to continue with its plan to keep increasing the prices of fuel in the name of deregulation as well as continued introduction of other taxes and charges. which the poor are made to pay, instead of the rich who have all taken all the wealth which can be used to improve our lives.

Therefore, we demand:

  • Immediate reversal of fuel pump price, electricity tariff and all other anti-poor people policies
  • Privatisation and deregulation must stop. Public utilities and infrastructure like electricity, water, roads and airports all must be run in the public interest with trade unions and organisations of the working-people in control
  • Tax the rich and multinational corporations to increase domestic resource mobilisation for quality education, health and other social services to be available for the vast majority of the population
  • Cancellation of the huge amounts former governors and lawmakers get annually
  • No elected or senior appointed public officer must earn more than the average worker
  • Provision of decent work and wages for all able-bodied women and men. Unemployment benefits must be paid to those who cannot be immediately employed

Buhari and all the vagabonds in power must go! Fight to establish a government of working-class people NOW


Now more than ever, the trade unions and all organisations that stand for the poor masses have to unite and fight to stop the attacks on working-class people and change the system. If we dare to struggle, we dare to win. We must organise, mobilise and agitate without ceasing until victory. The battle ahead is for total liberation. Our demands for immediate reforms must be part of a strategy for system change.

We demand the reversal of anti-poor policies like the fuel pump price and electricity hikes. We must insist on this. But we must ask for more. The Major General Muhammadu Buhari-led regime of the APC MUST GO! It is incapable of improving the lives of the poor masses. But we must not stop at that. No section of the class of oppressors can guarantee us better lives. We alone can liberate ourselves. We must fight for SYSTEM CHANGE! We must fight for REVOLUTION NOW!

Socialist Workers & Youth League will fight alongside, and as part of the exploited and oppressed working-class people until victory. Are you a worker, unemployed, artisan, trader, student, or any Nigerian fed up with the system and ready to fight for a better society? Join us today, to organise, mobilise, agitate and fight! Send us your details: or visit our website to learn more of our revolutionary politics and join the SWL You can also call/WhatsApp us: +2347036205150 or +23481118311882.

Workers & Youth, Unite & Fight!


Socialist Worker Bulletin is a publication of the Socialist Workers & Youth League (SWL). We are an organisation of activists in the trade unions, campuses, communities, and social movements committed to the revolutionary struggle for a better world.  Capitalism is run by a few rich people in their own interest. As part of the working-masses, we fight against exploitation. We oppose all forms of oppression and ideologies which are used to divide the working class such as racism, ethnicism and sexism. Join us TODAY.  Email:

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