Secret Police Arrest Sowore: We Will Not Retreat – #RevolutionNow


                PRESS STATEMENT

Like cowards, the secret police swopped on Omoyele Sowore, leader of the African Action Congress and #RevolutionNow movement in the dead of the night. Their aim is to decapitate the mass movement rising before their very eyes – the movement of working people and youth filled with rage at the incompetence of the corrupt and disgraced band of rogues at the helm of affairs. They hope to stop the first day of rage from manifesting barely two days from now.

However, this contemptable act of the federal government is a failed act even before it was put into effect. Sowore represents an idea, a movement whose time has come. The movement is like a thousand fires smouldering underneath the feet of the thieving bosses in Aso Rock and their disciples.

We are many and they are few. We will not retreat, and we will not surrender. #RevolutionNow remains on course. We will fight and we will win. We cannot be intimidated by their spineless attacks against Sowore and the movement for #RevolutionNow.

We demand the immediate release of Omoyele Sowore and all political prisoners, including Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzakky. We will not rest till the revolution triumphs. We will not be deterred. We will not accept the continued incarceration of Comrade Sowore. The degenerate and illegitimate government of General Muhammadu Buhari and his cohorts will not know peace until the democratic rights of Omoyele Sowore are fully respected and he is duly freed by the state.

So, comrades come rally and the day of rage we will wage. Come Monday 5 August, we will storm the strongholds of the bosses and corrupt politicians who have made Nigerian masses poorer and hopeless. This is the time to take back our future – and we will not relent!

Lai Brown

National Secretary




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