Socialist Worker, June – July 2017




Two years of failure; Buhari and APC MUST GO!


News & Comment

Boko Haram Release Many Chibok Girls – We Demand the Government Does More!

Anti-Corruption: Neglecting a Socialist Alternative

Wealth of five richest Nigerians could remove poverty in Nigeria – Oxfam

Health Aches and The LUTH Lootings

The free-market KILLS!

Workplace & Union

90% of hotel workers are casuals

Wave of Protests by Delta LGA Workers

Galba Workers 2-Week Strike

FIWON commences fightback against demolitions

Working Women/Book Review

Women in Twentieth Century Africa, By Iris Berger (2016) Cambridge University Press; A book review

Education & Youth

Education is a RIGHT: ANSA protests at LSHA, Students attacked by thugs

International Perspective

Corbyn and winds of change in Britain



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