Socialist Worker, March-April, 2016

Socialist Worker, March-April, 2016



News & Comment

The Proposed Economic Summit – Any Hope For The Working Class?

Revisiting Oil Subsidy Removal: Implication for Working Class-People

Where Was The Capitalist Media Before Dasuki-Gate?

The hike in the price of kerosene

Workplace & Union

Reinstate Ruqaiyyat!

TUC Rejects the Funding of Infrastructure with Pension

RATTAWU Decries Interference in Media

Railway Workers Win Monetisation…pursue improved welfare

Federal Palace Hotel: the Struggle Continues!

Linda Workers Resist Slave Labour & police repression in support of the bosses

Workers Defy “No Work, No Pay” …as strike paralyses Ogun state

FCT Area Council Workers Begin Full Bloom Strike

Nuclear Agency Workers’ 3-day Warning Strike

NLC, TUC & Civil Societies Organisations Protest Rally Against Increment In Electricity Tariff

NLC Wins Reinstatement of 3,000 Imo Workers

History & Theory

International Women’s Day has Socialist Roots

Eskor Toyo: Exit of A Revolutionary

African Radicals

Gambo Sawaba (1933-2001)


We Should All Be Feminists

2016 International Women’s Day: a Pledge for Parity

What does the Ese Oruru case say about Women?

International Perspective

Socialism Becoming Popular Again?

Solidarity & Campaigns

Sussex University Students Occupy Campus: In resistance against the deportation of Luqman Onikosi